By the time that you read this post, the team from Spring Arbor University will be flying to Thessaloniki. Professor, Ken Brewer, will lead the ministry team hoping to bring inner healing to  needy souls.  As Greece slides into total collapse, more people realize the need for deep hurts to be treated by the Holy Spirit.  Prayers are requested for this important ministry.  May the communication cross the cultural barriers of language and strike the cord in the hearts of the hearers.  May the worship team draw the  participants into the therapeutic presence of Jehovah, our healer.  May those needing this somewhat-new-for-Greece ministry receive the benefit of  such an important work of the Lord.  Here is a picture of our friend, Ken, in Egypt where he taught spiritual formation.

Healing for the Wounded Heart Seminars

So often the heart is damaged by others, by our selves and/or by disappointments with God.
God wants to heal and restore those hurts that rob us of the joy, peace, and even sleep sometimes.
Ken Brewer and his team from Spring Arbor University will lead a special series of seminars with the sole purpose of discovering and repairing the inner being that lives inside each one of us.  The seminars will be held in Thessaloniki on Jan 11-13 and in Athens on Jan 19-20.

Great thanks to our supporters who support such ministries.  Contributions to Greek Country Shares help make these ministry possible.  Still the expenses have exceeded the budget.  Please consider making a contribute for the Healing Heart ministry by clicking the link

Good news is that year end giving pushed Decembers income over the monthly goal.  Unfortunate reality is that the year end balance for our salary support was  $5,600 short.  Now by the end of January the goal is for $13,000 to come in.  All supporters are encouraged to make their year commitments by posting their promises.  This helps the mission deal with the financial challenges of mission work during financial crisis time.  Visit our salary support web page and partner with us for the work of Greece …