We had the privilege of having Dr Tim and Connie Kratzer here for a visit this month.  They have spent time both at Kibuye Hospital and back at their home from years ago in Nundu, Congo.  Friends from Kibagora days have also found them here.  It has been a joy to see things through their eyes during this time together.  Their experience and perspective brings richness and insight into our work here.

Week number three has begun at school and we are fairing well!  Hannah had a oral report (memorized) to do on Friday (all in french) and she did it.  That is the good news, the bad news is that it appears she will have to do one every two weeks…
Leah continues to make new friends and is very positive about school (Hannah says it is because she has hardly any homework!).  Samuel told me last week as we lay in bed talking about the day, “Mom, I like this school better than the one back in the U.S.”  Wow, really?  “But only because they speak french, if they spoke English I would like the other one better.”  Funny boy.  Josiah is sure he doesn’t do any work in class, “we just play all day long.”  And according to his teacher, he talks in English all day long also.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  We cannot underestimate the difference they have made to give the kids courage and strength and peace.  We have learned much about prayer and trusting God in these days.  We are also thankful for eight months of adjustment time and french lessons, God is good.

I am able to begin moving on to other things now.  Studying French, Kirundi and medicine takes up much of my day.  We are thankful for our temporary home on HAU’s campus.  We pray and wait for our friend’s adoption to be finalized so that they may move to the USA and we will rent their home for the next 2 years.  Pray with us for Divine – it is very hard to be 12 and know your future is undecided as you wait for governments to determine if you will be allowed to stay with your new family.

Joel is fairing well in his new position as Director of Clinical Education.  Overnight his responsibilities went from minimal to overwhelming.  We are thankful for a good relationship with the Dean of the Medical School, Dr. Innocente (pictured here with Tim and Connie).  She continues to work well with Joel and hand over new challenges.  The greatest concern at the moment is that we have nearly 30 students at the new Van Norman Clinic this month for clinical education.  Presently there are an average of 2 inpatients and a handful of consults.  Pray for wisdom for Joel, and continued networking and creativity to increase our patient load and provide the students with a solid education.