Mariam's Syrian family minus 12 year old daughterDuring the holidays, we have been traveling to the gas station near the border to make friends and give out NT’s to the refugees waiting there.  Sometimes there have been 20 buses and about 1000 refugees just mingling around for hours and sometimes over night.  Of the four days that we went, each time there was a group of JW’s already speaking to crowds.   The first day after I dropped off a team and when I went to get in my van, two men were leaning against the driver’s door reading the Watchtower.  I quickly befriended them.  I gave them NT’s.  I told them to read this and you will find the direction to the new life you are seeking.  I prayed for them and they thanked me.  As I left a JW worker went directly to speak to them again.   Immediately, I thought: “WOW! How easy it is to talk to them! Yet there are so few believers here to speak life to them.”  As you read this, would you pray that the Lord would send workers?

On boxing day, we went again.  A Syrian lady approached as soon as we arrived.  She spoke excellent English.  She was a journalist and teacher in Damascus.  She praised the Christian for their help and welcome along their journey.  I told her that God loves her and that he does not want this injustice of the innocent to suffer.  Her eyes teared up.  He hates war.  He wants you to find a new life without evil.  My eyes teared up from the Lord’s compassion for her soul.  They had sold everything that they had because the prophet Mohammed told them to go to Germany.  I talked to her about the prophet Jesus.  She and her family liked everything that we shared.  As we talked I began to realize that her family had experienced so much defeat and loss because of the war in their homeland and they were desperate enough to risk the dangerous and hard journey.  They were born Muslim and to give up that identity now was too much for them to embrace at this point of their journey.  Yet the possibility may come about when they reach their destination.  We became face book friends.  Her pseudo-name is Mariam.  Please pray for her and her family.  Their futures are very uncertain, but God certainly loves them and wants them to find new life.

So many more stories, but hopefully you are cheered up by these two.  The media may not say much any more … old news does not sell, still the work continues on.  Would there not be more workers who would come to make friends with the thousands journeying to a new life?  Would not there be some whom God is calling to move to Germany and target the million refugees landing there?  Pray to the Lord of the Harvest that he would send forth his workers.   May 2016 be a year when we will see and hear of more good things coming out of the bad of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

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