Rainy day at the border Oct 21 2015Everyday we hear first hand stories from the tragic drama of the journey of endurance of the Syrian and other refugees.  A recent YWAMer at our guest hostel shared from her experience on the Greek islands.  One refugee in clear English came splashing out of the Aegean Sea and asked her (or someone on her team), “Where are the Christians?”  Before he departed the refugee was informed that the Christians would help them.  So the refugees are expecting help from Christians.  Truly, Christians are responding, but we are few and our hands are empty. This is a HUGE opportunity for the love of Christ to touch the millions forced by population relocation.

Every time that I go to border (at least once a week), I make friends and hear stories that wrench my heart.  I wish that I could go more often, but we can’t drop everything.  One friend from Ireland shared his faith and prayed with a refugee last week.  The Syrian wept with joy, but also with deep concern about who will tell the rest of his family.  Last night, Linda who is volunteering for two months came back from the border explaining that they had to stop passing out clothes because it gotten out of control.  80 buses with over 50 passengers each were waiting in line to drop off refugees that had traveled from Athens.  The 4000+ refugees were too many for the border staging point to handle.  It was rainy and cold. Amir, a volunteer worker superstar from Afghanistan, called me in Thessaloniki and asked for raincoats to be brought to the border, but I was unable to respond.  Linda said that later two men came and requested to buy Eric, the team leader, a coffee. They were desperate to tell him their story and Eric prayed with them.

Please consider contributing to the Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund and indicating “Refugees in Hungary and Greece”.  Also consider volunteering.  All along the journey from the Greek islands until Germany, volunteers are needed and the Christian organizations need your help.  At least spread the word and pray.  This is a not a short time crisis.  It is a unique opportunity that deserves more than just a one time gift.

Green Light project in Athens is a Set Free partnership starting these months. The three story center needs craftsmen and work teams.

In Thessaloniki we are very blessed to have a L.A.P.E.T. team from Argentina.  Every meeting is a blessing.


Thank you for your prayers and donations.  Our support is behind, but we keep serving on and trusting our Father for all our needs.