Maria and I are having a great time visiting churches, seeing friends, and being with family here in Indiana.

Greece continues to struggle and desperately needs prayer.  Second round of elections are set for June 17.  May a leader like Daniel 6:4 “…he was trustworthy and guilty of no negligence or corruption.” rise up in Greece.  Maria and I are even more convinced of the importance of believers to stand strong is this difficult hour of Greece. Help us stand and give so that Jason’s House can help the people of Thessaloniki.

We return to Greece on July 5th.  After Memorial Day, we are traveling from Chicago to Lakeland, FL to spend two Sundays with area churches there. The mission has asked that we raise $10,000 in donations or pledge commitments by then. Please consider making a contribution to Greece by clicking on the donate now link under the “Greece needs your support” sidebar on the right.