Van Norman clinic of Hope Africa University from the outside

Van Norman Clinic of Hope Africa University

Progress is being made on the facility that will provide clinical experiences to both medical and nursing students in Bujumbura. The Van Norman clinic is located across the road from the main Hope Africa University (HAU) campus. This new building is still being finished on the interior and equipment and supplies are being installed. There will be spaces for patients to be kept overnight, rooms for delivering babies, operating rooms, and outpatient consultation rooms.

In a radio interview last week, Elie Buconyori, the Rector of HAU, stated that the goal for the clinic is that it would be the best in Burundi and he believes that we can achieve that goal. We know that there are going to be a lot of growing pains as this clinic becomes functional. And yet, we are hopeful as we see the hard work that many Burundians and Westerners have invested (and continue to invest) in seeing this clinic become a reality. In the weeks ahead, Janette and I anticipate serving in some capacity at this new clinic. Stay tuned to hear more stories of med students becoming better doctors and patients receiving excellent and compassionate medical care.