Bible Study outside the campImagine that it is too risky to hold a Bible study in your room of a refugee hotel!!! Where better to gather than along the sea at an off season tourist beach with nature and sunshine all around.  Here is a small group of Kurdish believers who want to come to our special discipleship camp starting this Sunday afternoon but can’t because they are being relocated any day now and don’t want to miss the opportunity for the next place that they will be located.  Hopefully not too far away so that we can continue to strengthen their new faith.  Pray for this special group in Vrasna and many like them.

Because of special donation from Saddleback Church, we are able to hold two discipleship camps this next week.  One in Arabic and Kurdish and one in Farsi for mostly Iranians.  A small team from Saddleback is coming to help.  Pastor Raouf from Madrid is coming to teach.  Another Egyptian couple currently living in Hungary is also here to join in.  Then also a team of 5 persons from an Iranian church in Liverpool is coming to lead the Iranian Camp.  There is a lot of excitement.  About 20 Arabic speaking new believers will participate in the two day discipleship camp and about 40 Iranians in the second camp.  It is amazing to see many from the Middle East come to faith, and to be baptized.  Even more amazing is to see God get hold of their hearts and see them truly come to know their Lord and Savior.  It takes a lot of work….. much more work than other nations.  Still making “disciple-making” disciples happens and it is the best because then you know that they got it. Pray that this week is powerfully, and effective in these new believers lives.