Violence and Religion

Tom Mahairas


On April 29 was a conference at the university of Thessaloniki that was a sign for positive change for the future and tonight May 16 next to the university at Iraklis basketball court Ivanofio Tom Mahairas will proclaim the message “Power to Change.” 

At the university, I sat next to Father John of the Catholic Church and among the students and professors of the Orthodox School of Theology at a student lead conference about Religion and Violence.  The atmosphere was exceptional and unforgettable.  If people of faith treated each other with such respect, there would not be religious violence in the world today.  I was honored to say a few words representing the Free Methodist Church. 

Pastor Tom/Tasos Mahairas is a native of Thessaloniki and international speaker.  Tonight, the churches of Thessaloniki are inviting all the neighbors of our city to the stadium to hear the message of his life.  There is power to change and Greeks need it.  In 1981, he spoke at my Greek language class at Grace college and my life changed.

Pray for Greece.  Pray for Thessaloniki.  Pray for the university.