….I was in Mombasa, attending the FMCK Women’s seminar (Highland Conference).  I enjoyed teaching, and learning as others taught. We had a great time together–and those women certainly knew how to dance! 🙂

The conference ended with the Sunday Worship service…and afterwards, since we were on the coast…there were several of us who headed to the beach. For many of the women it was their first time to be at the ocean..and though they didn’t come with their “swimming costumes”..that didn’t keep them from jumping right in! (They could actually hire swimming attire). It was so fun to get to know them better in such a relaxed, fun context…and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Margaret Okoth, Margaret Kinandi and myself guard the “stuff”!

Most of the women returned home either Sunday night or Monday morning, but Jill Parsons and I hung around. On Monday we traveled with Supt. Rev Hawkins Mugaya, Supt. Daniel Chanzu, ICCM Kenya Coordinator Rev. Daniel Shanzuh, and Parish Pastor Rev. Roseline Kennedy…to visit a small school in the village of Rumish. It is very “interior”…and we had quite the adventure getting there. There are about 40 children who attend–though because of many difficulties for the families..the children don’t come consistently. Sometimes teacher Esther has to teach the same lesson two days in a row because different students show up for school than were there the day before. It makes for slow progress in learning. We’re hoping that as the school develops, the parents will see the value of sending their children to class every school day.

The school we visited in Rumish

The classroom ..there are about 40 children that attend.

On our way back to Mombasa from Rumish, I saw a “new” food—-Squid on a stick! Okay, it may have really been octopus—–but regardless…. I couldn’t really bring myself to eat it. Would you??

Hmmm….should I or ???

Have a great weekend! And keep checking back for updates!