Pastor Raif AzabLast week Pastor Raif Azab from Eastern Christian FM Church in Jersey City arrived in Thessaloniki for a few days and he asked me which Thessaloniki is this… number 1 or number 2.   I thought to myself this Egyptian is really bad at geography.  So I tell him this city is neither number 1 or 2, it is number 3.  We laughed and then it became clear from his visit that a new Epistle of Thessalonians might  actually be writing right now before our eyes.  Apostle Raif came to prepare for a team of 20 Egyptians to come for Arab language conference in Thessaloniki for three days in June.  They will sing and share the love with the Syrian and other displaced people in Northern Greece. Please pray for the three dates on June 19,20, and 21.  May the Lord touch the hearts of the refugees and give them hope and life.

Samia and Hani are from Birmingham, AL, but they were born in Lebanon and Jordan.  This week they are coming to join our team for the summer.   Their ability to minister in Arabic and their experience will be a big boost to the work. Samia and Hani Also in June a couple from Egypt and their children will be joining us long term to help build up the ministries to the few refugees still in camps and the many that are scattered in apartments around the city.  The work here with the displaced people from the Middle East is shifting.  Now we are considering ways to work at long term relationships and development.  We have an exciting new program launching called MIA Tribe.  You will get more on that soon.

We visited our refugee friends in Athens after Easter Pascha.  One young believer named Joanne was very dear to us.  He helped at our community center  in our church since the summer.  He is now in Munich.  Imad and Nadia with their two children Rama and Farez are in France.  Farrar is in Norway.  In Athens we meet again Muttaz.  He told me that he reads the Gospels and attends a church.   Nour and Thaer with four kids Maria and a little Syrian sweetie are in a remote place outside Athens waiting to go to Estonia.  When we visited them, we gave them a ride to get out of the house and took them to the sports complex that we helped during the Olympics in 2004.  They loved our church and wanted to find someplace in Athens to go. Just by chance, or divine timing, our friends were running an activity. A woman from Aleppo told them her story of God’s mercy.  The next Sunday night, they got to go and enjoyed the meeting for refugees.  Isn’t all this amazing!!!!

Thank you so much for support.  Rejoice with us for what God is doing and that we get to be involved arguably in one of history greatest opportunity for Christians to love to the Muslims.  Please consider making a contribution  for Greek ministry expenses for the refugee work ….click here Love the displaced