funny thanksgiving blind farmerHere in Greece, Thanksgiving was safe for the turkeys.  They didn’t gobble and the farmers must have been blind.  We ate roasted chicken with closed eyes dreaming of a thanksgiving meal.  We hope that you enjoyed family and friends.  We miss you and this holiday very much in turkey sparse Europe.

The message this last Sunday was about Thanksgiving.  After the first point that thankfulness is birthed out of the positive, the congregation was challenged to practice the first point otherwise the message would not move forward.  Over 10 persons jumped up and one by one they declared thanks to our God in the assembly of the faithful.  From healings, to miracles, to papers for residence, to faith for unsolved problems, for family, and for so much more, all the nations thanked the Lord … Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, Nigerians, Americans, Afghans, Filipinos, and Sir Lankans. WOW!!! I thank the Lord for our Thessaloniki Church Anagenesis and all her supporters and friends.

Bureaucratic Miracle part 2: our Afghanistan evangelist that we call Sosipatros received a miracle for the first stage of legal residence in our last post.  The miracle continues. A few weeks ago he went back to the immigration office for the interview second stage.  He showed up for his appointment in Athens and was told to come back next week.  He politely requested that they interview him anyway because he traveled 6 hours to get there and it would be too difficult to go back and then come back again.  He waited for their reply. Much later, the official and the translator agreed to conduct the interview.  Sosipatros’ story was so moving that the immigration official teared up and promised to handle his case swiftly instead of the normal 18 month waiting time.  When they finished, the three of them and the guard were the only persons left in the building. The guard was complaining because he had stayed 3 hours overtime. It was now 7 pm and dark.  Sosipatros returned by train that night full of hope and rejoicing in the Lord’s favor even for bureaucracy!!!

Great news!!! The FM mission in Europe has a new organization for oversight.  For over 10 years, Jerry Coleman was the director.  Now, Pastor Keith Cowart will oversee the Mediterranean countries of Portugal, Spain, and Greece. Pastor David Carr will oversee Bulgaira.  Supt. Mitch Pierce will oversee North Central Europe.  Check out

This month we get to welcome 6 Reach Mission interns, attend training for house of prayer ministry in Izmir, Turkey, and celebrate Christmas as a family with Gina and Simon in England. Please pray for our work in Greece where the economic crisis gets very tough in the winter. Every Sunday, we are challenged to take care of the “widows and orphans”.  Every Sunday, more needy are asking for assistance.  Yet, we have members in our congregation that have been living without electricity, behind on rent, and lacking the basics. Please consider an end of the year gift to help care for the needy and desperate.