The Prime minister visits MIA Tribe's boothAt the beginning of November, Kali, Maria, Fevronia, Soula and Ahmad got to present MIA Tribe ministry enterprise to the Prime Minister of Greece at the expo of Greek Social Coops in Athens.   God gave this new work great exposure and notoriety from zero attention to being the highlight of the whole exhibit hall.  So thank the Lord for this favor and the encouragement that this is a sign for the future.  Truly lives are being enriched, lives are being transformed and hope for self sufficient livelihood is not only possible, but a reality one person at a time.

Please consider your church or your group helping to raise funds and promote the MIA Tribe products for Christmas season.   For a reasonable amount of funds, MIA Tribe will ship you a package of 70 items from their beautiful Sparkle Christmas collection, table cover, jewelry display and posters.  Hurry, if you are interested and let Kali know so that you can be ready for Holiday season.  Contact her by email: ASAP.   Check the amazing products of the Sparkle collection handmade by refugees, immigrants, single mothers, and long term unemployed.  Every purchase makes a difference in a life of someone who lost hope.Sparkle Collection

The refugee work continues to develop.  Now we have a list of friends who are long term asylum seekers.  Their countries are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, and Morocco.  Last Sunday, they all came.  Just ask the Sunday School teachers what it is like….talk about crazy.  So many stories that we could tell you.  Here is one … Salem is from Syria.  A few days ago we visited him.  He did not stop talking. He was so excited about someone visiting him.  I interrupted him to ask how and when did the change in his life begin?  He said 4 years ago he was almost an Atheist and then one person after another in one place after another, God sent messengers to speak to him. From Syria, to Lebanon, to Turkey, to Lesvos, and finally to Thessaloniki, he was being pointed to the truth.  In Lesvos, he met people from Eurorelief which is the organization that I worked with in the 80’s.  As long as he was on the island they met with him everyday and shared their faith.  When he arrived in Thessaloniki a Pakistani refugee from our church brought him one Sunday and from then on he has not stopped coming.  He is very thankful and we have the privilege of discipling him.  This is what our NGO does one person at a time. Click on link for Anagenesis Association website. (Hopefully, it will be working)

For Christmas Maria has a great idea to do a special Christmas for the refugees.   Many of our refugee families are stuck in Athens.  We plan to bring them to Thessaloniki for several days.  Maris says everyone will dress up like Christmas characters.  We will have a special program for the kids and many gifts.  Of course, there will be a big meal and it will be very joyful.  Hopefully, this will make a lasting impression in their hearts that God loves them and sent his Son as the greatest gift.  Please pray and give for this special project and many others.  Click on this link to make your gift today Greece Development Fund

Finally, I, Michael, am thankful for my knee replacement. It has been a tough first month, but I am now walking and moving about without crutches.  Each day is better than the previous one.  I have hope of being pain-free and fully active soon.  Thank you for your prayers and Thank the Lord for healing my tired and weary joint.

Pray for us over the next two weeks of a busy schedule

Nov 15-18 in Budapest for the FMC European Church Leaders conference

Nov 18 a visit the child of a Thessaloniki Holocaust survivor Simantov and his wife, Linda, from Israel

Nov 20 a visit from Gerry and Jan Coates

Nov 23-25 in Stuttgart for a European Refugee Conference

Nov 28 we are hosting a seminar on the Muslim conflict by an expert from Lebanon