Summer to Fall 2013

As many of you know we traveled for most of the summer in the USA visiting our supporting churches. We traveled from Madrid to New Jersey at the beginning of June to meet Josh who had traveled to America  two weeks earlier. During the months of June thru August we visited churches in NJ, NY, DC, PA, FL and WA. Participated in a 2 weeks youth camp in PA and 4 Annual conferences.IMG_0376

It is always exciting and encouraging to visit the churches and the people who support the FMC work and us in Spain. It would not be possible to do what we do without their prayer support and their commitment to support us financially. We have seen our MSA and our CSA go up this summer and we praise God for that and we thank ALL of you who partner with us in this great adventure.


The leaders of the FM church in Rivas held the fort while we traveled ;and did a great job at it without us. We thank God for all the gifted people he has brought to our Rivas church.  

You can pray with us:

Work for our church members. We have a number of people looking for work in this economy. Currently 26% of the work force in Spain is out of work.

We are praying for a youth leader in Rivas.

Praying for our Community Church Planting training to be held in Rivas. Mr. Bruce Bennett himself will be facilitating the workshops.

Praying for our European Leaders Conference in Portugal this November.

Once again our church will participate in the twice a year flea market held by our town. Proceeds from the sales will go to the local ministry fund. Asking God for the opportunity to meet new people and be able to once again reminding our community that we are here and that our doors are open to al

We are grateful for:

Safe travels ALL summer long and the chance to reconnect with friends and family. 

Gods provision for our daughter Gabriela as she stayed back in America. She is finishing high school and making plans to start college January 2014.

The increase on our MSA/ CSA.