“So then you are no longer strangers and sojourners but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.”   Ephesians 2:19

Not long after Mike and I moved to Kenya, we learned there was a community of FMC Congolese refuges living here in the greater Nairobi area. Last year, through some of these FM connections, we met Emmanuel. In 2009, Emmanuel was at home in his village with his mom and dad and 5 siblings..when their village was attacked. He ran…hid, ran some more, hid again. After a week of constant movement..he and 4 other friends from his area, ended up in Kenya. Emmanuel doesn’t know the status of his family—where they are or even if they are still living. He lives in a community here in Kenya, where many refuges are living, from several different countries. Since he’s a refuge, he really can’t be employed, but manages to make a little by selling “cloth”/material.

I’ve been to several UNHCR offices with Emmanuel, mostly to provide moral support & encouragement and prayer…as he’s trying to work through the process of being relocated to another country. It’s not easy. I can hardly imagine how he manages.

I am trusting the Lord will make a way for Emmanuel ….though I’m not sure what that way is! I have appreciated Emmanuel’s faith, humble attitude, and his many expressions of appreciation for the little I can do, and especially for the way the Lord has been with Him.

Please pray for Emmanuel. The easy prayer to pray is that the Lord will open doors for him to be relocated…and that would be great. But, I’m mostly praying that the Lord will continue to be faithful to Emmanuel…and that his life will be a testimony to the Lord, no matter where he ends up!