Our 4 year refugee ministry means being interictally involved in so many refugee families, we experience their struggles and challenges.  Recently, riots broke out at a camp where many attend our church.  It drew international attention and in the news broadcast it even showed persons that had attended our church confronting the police line.  Frustrations are high and desperation is strong.  The immigration problem is not going away and as long as it drags on, it is an opportunity for many to discover Jesus who would never have had the chance otherwise.

For over a Amin passed away on April 14month our church has been praying for a refugee father named Amin who attended several times, but fell into a coma.  We have prayed for God to revive him, heal and resurrect him … ultimately for his salvation.   On Sunday, he expired and passed into eternity.  As we planned to visit the family in the camp on Monday, the camp social worker called me and asked about Amin’s religion.  In Greece like many countries in the Middle East people are buried according to their religion.  There are Muslim cemeteries, Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and so forth.  Don’t ask me where the atheist are buried.  Amin claimed that he was Christian and the social worker asked me, the pastor of the church that he attended twice, if I have proof.  Unfortunately, there is no proof …. which would be a baptism certificate. All they had was unproveable claim.  The social worker is checking Amin’s records because he claimed to be a Christian when he applied for asylum.  Whatever the local officials decide, we are standing by this family in their sorrow….. to have come all this way for a chance of a new life only to find death instead.  His young wife and three teenage children have an unknown future.  Our firm hope is that the ones who survive him will come to know the savior in the end.  It is interesting to see the young believers in the camp surrounding this family and sharing the Lord’s comfort with them.  Please pray that God will reveal himself to each of Amin’s family and the Lord’s grace will fill their hearts.

For those of you celebrating Easter this Sunday, we wish you a joyful and impactful celebration.  Our Passover Easter celebration is on April 28 and it promises to be very unique and big this year.

Thank you so much for your support, prayers and encouragement

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