After 5 weeks of life up country in Kibuye, I am eager to share – but what?  We have so many stories- some good and some not so good.

We have enjoyed watching the children grow in their confidence and venture out and play with the village children in Kibuye.  Samuel has been the first to adventure out with his soccer ball and frisbees.  The bigger and more aggressive boys usually run off to play soccer with the nice ball, others grab the frisbees and that leaves Sam to play with some of the smaller, calmer boys.  They use their ball made of plastic bags wrapped with twine.  Occasionally the big boys come over and bring Samuel with them to solve a dispute.  That makes me laugh but I suppose they feel that it is his stuff so he has the authority.  They take him to the one not sharing the ball and point at him.  Sam smiles and motions for the ball.  The culprit hands it over and Sam tosses it back to the group.   Problem solved.  One day they played a game that seemed to be “trip the mazungu (their word for a white person).”   Sam took it for only so long, then calmly collected his stuff and went home.  They haven’t played it again and I was pleased to see him handle it well.

Be sure to watch for our next video greeting (should be up by Monday) and get a peek at Sam and the green plastic-bag ball.