Baptisms started this new season!!! What a Joy!!! So beautiful, touching, and powerful.  Lord, baptize this season with your FIRE, SPIRIT, AND LOVE!!! click on this link Sept Baptisms!!

September started with another church joining our church.  What an honor!!!  We have been praying hard for cooperation in the body and churches of Thessaloniki.  It is really symbolic that as financial collapse, believers are coming together.  The international congregation had an English speaking ministry.  The church had some issues and challenges.  There are some great people.  Our congregation is now even more diverse.  We have another minister on our team who has a heart for evangelism.  He is an American married to a Greek like your’s truly. So this was very encouraging for our church.

Pray for the use of the previous space.  Our longing is for a prayer room, food bank, guest rooms, and kitchen.  In the spirit of Act 17 Jason, the goal is for the place to be a benefit to all believers of Thessaloniki.  May the Lord lead our steps and bring Psalm 131 harmony of the brothers to our city.

September prepared us for the waves of blessings and visitors coming in October.  First, mighty men of faith from Chicago and Omaha spoke powerfully to a multi-church gathering at our location. Second, Cindi and Eduardo from Portugal brought a team from Brazil and Argentina gave our group a big dose of Latin and prayed over the spiritual places of Greece (Athens, Corinth, Mt. Olympus, Philippi, and Thessaloniki). The Lord is shifting Greece. Third, sisters from Arizona and California spoke to divine identity, and not crisis identity. Fourth, a team from Germany of dance and Word will be at our church this next Sunday. Finally, Lucien and Molly Behar are coming to finish up with two weeks of ministry.  We are rejoicing for what God is bringing  to our place, city, and nation.

Today Oct 16th, Maria, Christi, myself, and Todd Pekel, a leader, are flying to Jerusalem to learn about the Houses of Prayer in that beloved city. We hope to absorb what God is doing there and bring it home to Thessaloniki. By raising up worship and prayer, God’s presence is changing the spiritual situation there.  More and more, Messianic Jews and believing Arabs are preparing the way for our Lord’s return. Last week, we visited the house of prayer in Istanbul/Constantinople.  There among 15 plus million people, prayers and worship are pleading for change there too.  Pray that God helps raise the same ministry here in Thessaloniki.

Financially, our costs are increasing. New taxes are daily conversation and demonstrations are the reaction.  Our support is low.  Pray that the Lord of the cattle of a thousand hills provides and the work is not in “want”. Those wanting to contribute please click on the link “Donate Now” in the upper right margin. Or go to

If you haven’t seen Kali’s wedding video clip, here it is:  Kali and Alcaeus Wedding