Hi, this is Hannah, today was school, and it was awesome except for math and what to write with. Math

Leah and Hannah stand with rolling backpacks outside Ecole Belge on first day of school

Sisters after first day of school

was hard because I’m not so good at it and because there had to be this certain kind of paper. The other thing was that the teacher (Monsieur Paul) is strict about what color you use and how you write but almost everything is in cursive. (which I am not that good at it).

The good part about school is that 1. I met a friend and her name is Iman or something like that. 2. I got to see Liam and Finnon our two breaks and 3. the teacher and Iman translated a little.

After school it’s craziness, everybody is yelling and running, it’s like seeing the sunshine after a week of darkness when you see your parents!


                                           Hannah 🙂