Thought I should add a few words about last weekend before adding more pics… 🙂

Last weekend I traveled, along with 9 other women and two babies, from Karen to the beautiful area of Kericho for the FMC Kenya Women’s Conference. Kericho is about 5 hours west of Nairobi—on a good day–and without diversions (detours).  🙂  There was a major diverson that left us all a bit jittery and bouncy…because the road was so bumpy (washboard!)..but we finally made it –for which we were all thankful for!  Kericho is known for it’s tea–and it’s rain..and we were greeted by both. The hilly road leading up to the church was a slick, muddy mess..and if you know me, you know that I don’t do mud! But, since I had women and babies and luggage that needed to get to the church, against my better judgement..I tried driving the van up the hill. No go. About a 1/3 of the way up, we all knew this wasn’t going to work. So, w/some manuvering and sliding backwards and deep breaths, we managed to get back down the hill with no damage to the van or the passengers.  The driver however, (me)..experienced some trauma! (just kidding, I’m fine!).

Thankfully, that was the only drawback of the weekend. The conference went very very well and we all enjoyed being together. There were five of us “Muzungu” (foreigners/whites) women teaching..and about 200 hundred of our Kenyan women singing and dancing and all in all, having a great time.  God was faithful and we were all blessed. Thanks for praying!!

Have a great weekend!