Last week, we joined FM workers from across Africa for 3 days of retreat. Since we just arrived in Africa, it felt

group of FM workers from around Africa posing on grounds of Turtle Bay Resort, Malindi, Kenya

2012 Retreat Participants in Malindi, Kenya

a little strange for us to be retreating. What exactly are we retreating from? Our work is just beginning in Burundi but we are glad that we had this opportunity to join the FMWM family in Kenya.

Mary’s Place Revisited

Doug and Margie Newton led several sessions on “Choosing Mary’s Place”. Janette likes to call that place, “Ootin” from the words “only one thing is needed” in Luke 10:38-42. We appreciate the Newtons’ prayer focus and also were privileged to have a prayer team from Greenville, IL pray with us. Christy Kessinger gave the children a gift as she spent hours with them teaching about prayer and discipleship. With our transition to Africa, it was good to be reminded that prayer is our life and our strength and we were inspired again to be intentional about listening to the Spirit.

Bishop David and Lavonne Kendall were also able to join us at the retreat. He challenged us to follow Jesus as we know him from the Scriptures. When we are led by Jesus, “the Sermon on the Mount will not be burdensome or foolish but will be an invitation to life.” We’re thankful for their ministry among us during those days.

Did We Mention The Water?

Our kids continue to love being in the water. During our stay on the coast of Kenya, we spent several hours in the water. We aren’t able to take advantage of the lake here in Burundi so we were in the pool early in the morning and all afternoon. The following photos will give you a better idea…


4 girls lines up falling backward into the pool

Taking the plunge: Allison, Leah, Hannah, and Nasya

Samuel and Josiah with goggles in pool at Turtle Bay Resort, Malindi, Kenya

Goggled brothers in the pool

Back To Reality

We are now staying in a 2 bedroom apartment on Hope Africa U.’s campus. It is tight but we are glad for the opportunity to begin adapting to life in Burundi. This week will be full of business- applying for our extended visas, opening a bank account, investigating school opportunities for the kids. Your prayers for us during this time are such a gift. Thank you for standing with us and for your partnership in seeing the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven…even in the hearts of Burundians.