A few weeks ago, I  (Vickie) had the opportunity to travel w/a team from Moundford FMC in Decatur, Il., to the town of Meru.  Our ministry there included rebuilding the parsonage of the church which had been totally destroyed by fire. Though I’m not a “construction” person, per se, I did in fact, help with some of the manual labor–moving stones, shoveling gravel/sand, etc. (look for pics in our newsletter coming out this week!). It was fun and I think I surprised some of our Kenyan friend.

This past weekend I had another opportunity to do some rebuilding..only this time it was spiritual rebuilding and specifically with the women in the FMCK’s Central District.  A number of topics were covered, all with the focus on rebuilding walls–and good relationships with the Lord and with each other. I felt the retreat went well, and the Ladies all took time to “add” stones to our “wall”…including some comments on areas they sensed God was speaking to them about.

We capped the retreat off by “Launching” the Tumaini Women Kenya NGO…which will be the structure by which we establish and manage several Holistic projects addressing the needs of women.  We are praying for the Lord’s blessing as we move ahead. Thanks for praying with us!

Letty Myers, FM Missionary to Kenya, joins the women in singing.

Rebuilding the Wall — women adding “stones” to the wall.

Associate Missionary, Jill Parsons, teaching on Hinderances to rebuilding. Eunice Otieno interprets for her.

Letty teaches on how to have a strong family–with Neddy Dingili interpreting.

Bishop Nixon Dingili receives the Official Certificate for the Tumaini Women Kenya NGO from the National Women’s Leader, Rev. Margaret Ingaitsa.

I did teach, but, 🙁 No pics were taken.

Happy 4th of July!


Our women can drum just as well as the men! Way to go Joyce and Rachel!