As you may have seen on our Missional Millers Facebook page, our goal this month is to get our monthly support to the 80% level.

Wing with Ethiopian Airlines logo over Burundi mountains

A view we'll have soon...with your help!

We must reach 80% before we can purchase our plane tickets and make other travel plans.  If we are to stick to our original departure plan, we will be leaving the United States in early or mid-January.  To best use the resources that you and others are investing in this mission, we need to finalize the itinerary soon.

When November started, we had about 55% of our monthly support committed.  This had mostly come from a handful of churches and a very few individuals outside of those churches.  We praise God for those “early adopters” who signed on even before we knew all of the details.  That gave us a great base on which to build.

How’s It Going Now?

Now, halfway through November, we are glad to report that our support is up to 70%!    Commitments ranging from $20 to $250 per month have been made.  If you have been thinking of joining our partnership team – praying, giving, or both- we would love to hear from you.

God continues to teach us to trust Him.  Your encouragement and sacrificial giving are humbling to us.  We know you could be investing in a lot of places these days and we are thankful that many of you are choosing to journey with us.