She is here to join us and raise prayer and financial support for a one year mission assignment in Athens. Check out her video.

Our baby, at just 20 years old, will be living in Athens beginning in September and joining the Streetlights Youth Mission striving to make faith relevant to the youth of Athens (pop. 6 million). She also will be pushing for the youth to pray for justice and righteousness instead of lashing out violently in demonstrations. Maybe her efforts will develop relationships with persons interested in linking up with FM Missions and the House of Prayer work in Greece.

She and her new husband-to-be (also in video) need $1200/month plus insurance and taxes for this next year. A total of $15,000 plus $2,000 for set up is the goal for the year.  Would you consider encouraging Kali in this bold venture by donating a seed gift … just click on this site.

For her blog, follow her on

Maria and I are finishing up this weekend in Florida with meetings and ministry at Spanish group near Davenport, St. Pete and our old church Tampa Celebration.  Then we head to Louisiana Family camp with a stop before in Pensacola and a stop afters in Arkansas. Finally, we will join everyone and Kali at the Wabash Annual Conference in Clay City, IN.

Our support was $10,000 short when we started our ministry tour.  Thanks to Holiday, FL FMC, it is now less than $8,000 that we need to raise in donations or commitment pledges for the end of 2012 by July. Click on the “Donate Now” under “Greece needs your support” on the upper right if the Lord tugs on your heart. Thanks and hope to see you …. at least briefly.