border signsThese past two weeks, I have seen refugees electrocute themselves, sow their mouths shut, hunger strike, attack a food truck, trash storage units, riot, and more declaring either let us pass or we will die here at the border.   They are determined to pass and never go back.  One day I talked one young refugee out of committing suicide.  He spoke very good English.  Today, the Greek Police and Frontex border EU force physically removed over 2,000 refugees in an operation called “sweep”.  Today, we cancelled our trip to the border.  Tomorrow, we hope to continue the effort to show God’s love to Syrians, Iraqi, and Afghani refugees longing for new life.

More Border signsThis week we were asked to help two Iranians who have opened their hearts to Jesus.  We are searching how to assist the impossible situation. They were rejected by Europe.  Would a church in the USA of Canada be willing to consider sponsoring them and adopting these two in finding a new life?   If they return to their homeland, they will be killed.

This month we are enjoying a team of 12 from World Race. Tomorrow, a YWAM team of 7 from Norway comes to stay in our Jason’s  Guest  Place.  On Christmas Eve, a worker joins the families face policeeffort for the holidays from England.  Greatly needed are drivers.  The daily drive to the border and back are wearing us out.  The volunteers all remark how amazing the experience is to help in such a unique, and history changing phenomenon.   Many refugees take NT’s. Many ask for prayer.  Many say thank you.

Long term, workers are needed in Athens where it appears refugees are stuck with no where to go.  Anyone willing to come and join the effort will make a huge difference.  Also, God is calling believers to consider working long-term with the refugees settling in Germany and the rest of Europe.  The crisis has created a remarkable opportunity for Christians to influence for eternity millions of refugees.  After the Paris episodes, some want to cast all foreigners over a cliff just because they look like terrorists.  Jesus said to love your enemies …. and I still believe it.

masses crowd the borderPlease consider making a contribution to the Bishops’ Crisis Relief Fund and mark it for the Europe Refugees.

Prayer for the desperate refugees.  May none die needlessly.  Reports of sickness are increasing as winter sets in.  Prayer for the workers who are tired and weary.  Prayer that Christian compassion will touch the hard hearts of desperate souls.Volunteers making friends

A sign from heaven








Pictures taken by World Race Team.  They were great