Feb 16 arthroscopic knee surgery

Feb 16 arthroscopic knee surgery

The Bible says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Rom 10:15). Of course, all of you know that in Greek feet and legs are the same word.  So I keep on asking God to make my legs especially my knees beautiful to bring God’s news to the masses.  Last Thursday, I had a surgery to clean up the inside of my right knee.  I am recovering well.  Of course, the camera revealed that there are many long term problems …such as lack of cartilage, absent ACL and much arthritis.  Yet, I hope and pray that my legs will be strong for years ahead.


Our month in the states was quick, busy and fun.  We were all over the place from Indiana, Florida, New Jersey, Alabama, and California.  We had many great short, but very sweet visits.  On a couple Sunday mornings Maria shared in a different church near by and I shared in another.  There was a great deal of support and encouragement.  We are so thankful for all of you who faithfully support the work in Thessaloniki, Thank youGreece.  We were in a big financial hole, but God tugged on many hearts and great generosity helped us break even at the end of 2016.  Now for 2017, we are just a little behind.  What a relief!  God called us and placed us in a strategic location to respond to the refugee opportunity.  He covers our backs through your support.  We are so grateful and thankful.  May God’s name be praised.

One big test of our faith was that on Feb  8th, Wednesday morning in broad daylight, our church was robbed.  Several months offerings were stolen and a few other items.  Fortunately, the thieves were not very smart.  When they attempted to steal the new gas stove, they cut the LP gas hose line and the church filled with fumes.  Luckily, they did not lite a cigarette, otherwise it would have been worse.  They disappeared before the drop in center opened.  The day’s ministry was canceled.   Everything was cleaned up by Sunday and new security measures implemented.

As far as the refugee work, the conditions are changing and the focus is on developmental projects.

Please pray for health, finances, and direction for new long term migrant projects.