1078722_553488104687297_1080252029_oMaria and I plus 9 others from our Thessaloniki Church got to join this summer’s effort to give a New Testament to every home in Greece.  380 participants traveled over 50,000 kilometers to 410 villages to give over 125,000 scriptures in just one week in Eastern Macedonia region around ancient Philippi.  Our team did great. It was one of over 50 vehicles. In just 6 days, NT gift bags were placed on doors and gates of over 4000 homes in 20 cities.  We pray that the living Word of God will come alive in the hearts of everyone who received the packages.

Of course, we met opposition.  Mostly, the Orthodox Christians were offended that Evangelicals distributed scriptures to their members.  So the first day, village “body guards” met us and threatened us to leave their villages.  The second day, a priest attempted to run Maria over in his rage.  Maria explained that the project hoped to bless his village and not mislead them.  She was able to calm him down and in the end he thanked her and asked for several NT’s.  He confessed that if he had run her over, he would go to hell and we were all glad that he didn’t.  The last day after passing out over 600 NT in the city, Iron Castle, the Anti-Heresy priest showed up and stopped us. We gave him 20 NT that he promised to give away, but we could not reach an understanding.  Pray for Father Panayiotis from the village, Black Hill,  and for Father Paul who fights “Heresy” but refuses to accept others who believe in Christ as brothers.

The previous weekend, our Church hosted the introduction of healing rooms to Thessaloniki.  It was fantastic and the response was great.  A business man and a doctor couple came to share about the amazing 30 healing rooms in Finland and we hope some day healing rooms will minister in Thessaloniki too. Simple believers from five churches indicated that they want to form a team.

Today August 4th, Jerry and Jan Coleman are coming to visit us and minister Sunday.

Here is Mike’s Schedule while Maria stays home in Thessaloniki:

Aug 22  Thu        Depart for Chicago

Aug 25  Sun am Anderson, IN – Ovid Com Ch

Sun pm Winona Lake, IN

Aug 26 Mon        Wabash Conf.  Pastors resourcing

Aug 27 Tue          Clay City, IN

Sep 1     Sun am Ft. Wayne, IN – Journey

Sep 6     Fri           Taylor, Mi

Sep 7     Sat          Indy 1st 10 am breakfast

Sep 8     Sun am Mooresville, IN

Sun pm Kokomo, IN

Sep 11   Wed      Nashville, TN

Sep 12   Thu        Evansville, IN

Sep 13   Fri           Olney, IL

Sep 14   Sat          St. Francisville, IL Breakfast

Sep 14   Sat          Columbus, IN

Sep 15   Sun am Albion, Ill

Sun pm Vincennes, IN

Sep 16 Mon        Pick up Kali Ralston’s

Sep 17 Tue          Breakfast Avon, IN

Sep 20 Fri             Ransomville, NY

Sep 21 Sat           Drop Kali off at Titusville, PA

Sep 22   Sun am Westlake, Oh (Cross Pointe)

Sun pm Ellwood City, PA

Sep 23 Mon        Dover, OH

Sep 23 Tues        Columbus, OH

Sep 28 Sat           Drop Kali off in Greenville

Sep 29   Sun am Decatur, Il

Sun pm Michigan City, IN

Sep 30   Mon      depart for Greece at 6.25 pm

Oct 1      Tue        Arrive in Thess at 2.45 pm