The Summer the Archers Came to Town

4 Miller kids and Grace Archer on rail at Ubuntu restaurant in Bujumbura, Burundi

Lake Tanganyika with Grace

Last month we enjoyed a long visit by the Archers, our next door neighbors in Michigan. This was their first visit to Africa and it was fun to show them some of our world. We spent most of the days in Bujumbura but did take them on a whirlwind tour up country to Kibuye and Muyebe, the first FM church in Central Africa. We took the “back” way home to Buja which turned out to be a special adventure. We were surprised that hardly anyone spoke French which made asking for directions an exercise in futility.

The kids enjoyed time with Grace Archer who indulged their games and questions and attention. Who knows what God may have in store for Grace in the years ahead? What a gift it is to open our children’s eyes to the world and the possibilities for service in that world! We had a great time catching up on each other’s lives and praying for each other. You can get firsthand information about the Archers’ visit at their website:

A New Neighborhood

After living on the Hope Africa campus for the last few months, we have moved off campus to a different part of Bujumbura. This neighborhood is called Mutanga Nord and is a little higher in elevation than the HAU neighborhood. This higher elevation results in cooler temperatures at night, fewer mosquitoes, and a nice breeze much of the day. We’re living in a German mission family’s home for two months while they are spending their summer in Germany. The kids are enjoying the spacious accommodations, the grass in the yard, and the guinea pigs who live in a cage behind the house. At the end of August, we plan to move into a different house in this same neighborhood. We are thankful for this temporary house and for the promise of settling into a house before the kids begin school in September.

We are thankful for these old neighbors and a new neighborhood that remind us of our need for community and God’s ability to provide community wherever we are. Lord, help us to be good neighbors here and to look for ways to serve those around us.