Gradeschoolers with water containers outside school in Nkondo, Burundi

Kids in Nkondo

Hundreds of primary school children came running across the dirt playground to see Bishop Elie Buconyori.  The 6 white faces were also pretty entertaining for them.  “Mzungu” is the common name for visitors from North America.

Bishop Elie grew up in this small rural area of Nkondo.  He would walk miles to school and back every day.  These kids are thankful that they have their own school now and a fresh water supply.  Education and clean water-two of the keys to a healthier and safer Burundi.

Looking out doorway of Nkondo secondary school at gathered students

Drawing a crowd at the Nkondo Secondary Schoolof the building blocks for a healthier and safer Burundi in the years ahead.

The church in Nkondo sponsors the schools and provides a gathering place for the whole community.  Once a month, the surrounding “parish” churches gather in Nkondo for a combined service.  There are often over 2000 people present at these celebrations.  Thank you, Lord, for turning mourning into dancing and sorrow into joy in Burundi.  What a privilege to celebrate with them what God has done!