Joel has been encouraging me to start blogging. He has done a great job working on this part of the communication, but it takes two to keep it going. Honestly, it is just not on my “to do” list. What is on my list? Learning French, teaching the children French, sorting through our belongings, simplifying what is left behind to go into storage, and planning what goes into those 12 precious suitcases that we take with us. I feel like that is a sufficient list. No more please and thank you. Joel is not listening. We also need to start creating newsletters, partnership build and blog. “People pray when you let them know what is happening. They keep praying as you keep sharing.” Right now I feel like we could sure use some prayer support…so here is my first blog entry. My biggest prayer request today – learn French, teach French to the kids.   Joel’s request – that God will direct us to people eager to be a part of what God is doing at Hope Africa University and partner with us. Thank you for praying for those right now!