One of our favorite musicians is Steve Bell, a Canadian singer/songwriter/storyteller.


I find that I come back to his music regularly for simple yet profound lyrics and musical excellence that inspires and comforts. You can check out more of Steve’s music here. “Remember Me”- an older song has captured my imagination of late. Here are some of the lyrics…

Show me Your favour Yahweh

Let it never be said that I’ve trusted in vain

It is Your reputation that makes me outrageously brave

Hold out Your mercy to me

Go ahead and correct me for the sake of Your name

It’s not much of a thread but my hoping is keeping me sane

As we continue on this journey in Burundi, we are tempted to believe that our success or failure in the eyes of the world, of our supporters, of our colleagues at Hope Africa University relies on us. These lyrics are serving as my prayer these days. I want to be used and directed by God and can trust that his character and reputation are the guarantees that my obedience will be successful in ways that perhaps only he will recognize.

Most of us have been in that place where our sanity and ability to function are hanging on by a thread. Maybe you are there today. That hoping- the expectation of better days ahead and of the mysterious redemption of the brokenness in the world- that is what anchors and roots us. And hopefulness is not just for my own mental health. It is also the contagious dream that we ought to share with those who no longer have hope, who have given up on life, who are weighed down by doubts.


Father, remember us. Show us your mercy. Remind us of your faithfulness. Give us hope even when it is crazy to consider.