Baraka Designs Sewing Center (Baraka means Blessings)

I couldn’t help but smile as I approached the big blue container at church a few weeks ago. As I got closer, I could hear the humming of machines..sewing machines that is! And it was music to my ears—praise music! Earlier this year, we received a very generous gift to help fund setting up a Sewing Center for women in the FMCK. The container, which used to belong to former missionaries, would now be used by women in the Central District to run a small business and a training center. The women will be partnering with ICCM Ministries to sew uniforms for the 9 ICCM schools in Kenya—as well as providing tailoring services to the local community.

In Jan., they hope to begin a training program for others to learn how to sew or do fashion design. There are several of us working together to provide oversight for this project and we’re taking turns leading devotions every Friday morning. Please pray for God’s blessings to be with us. We desire that this will be just the first of several small business projects for the women in our FM church.

Priscilla, Irene, Me, John (just because it’s a women’s project doesn’t mean all the tailors have to be women), Velma and Lillian

Priscilla is our Project Manager and will also be one of the trainers of the new students in Jan.

Most of the orders right now are uniforms for our ICCM schools.

Irene is happy to have work to do!