Sharing their stories covered in the white of new clothing of ChristObservation:  Baptisms lead to more baptisms.  Every time a new believer from the Middle East gets baptized, someone else requests also to be baptized.  Last Sunday, five were baptized after waiting so long from Iran and then Turkey.  They shared their stories, promised their faith, and cried with joy as the water buried their past and the Spirit raised them to live in newness of faith.  Afterwards many visitors from the same refugee camp requested also to be baptized.  So again we will start baptism preparation classes in April. Pray for their spiritual growth.

A few Sundays ago in our church, we had the joy of hearing four testimonies of Muslims who became believers in Jesus and got washed anew.

One was in ISIS prison waiting for his execution and cried out to God.  A voice told him to walk out the prison gate which was for some reason left unlocked and  to past by the guard After the voice told him several times, the third time he did it.  Then he gave his life to Jesus and ended up becoming a disciple in Izmir turkey under Pastor Andrew who imprisoned for three years.

Another one was in the boat crossing the sea from Turkey to Greece and scared to death.  Christians in the boat were praying and he starting praying too.  When he made it, he decided to become a believer.  He was hard to baptize because he still is afraid of the water, but the Lord is king of his heart.

Another went to the Asylum office and prayed to not be rejected.  Most asylum The baptsim pool was leaking and need a team to cover the baptizeeapplications get their first appointment in 2 years.  His was granted in a few months.  Because his prayers were answered, he became a believer.

Another with stab wound scars on his side from attacks from his own family was evangelized by another refugee who’s family is forcing him to marry his dead brother’s Muslim widow.  He is a secret Christian.  If he does not marry her, they will kill him and if they find out that he is a Christian, they will kill him also.  He fled instead and his chances for asylum are very slim.  Pray for N.  He needs a miracle.

Ministry is really amazing. God is working in people’s hearts.  Even though many are just passing through Greece, God begin a work in their lives.  Two teenage girls who came to faith in baptism class were smuggled to be with their mother in Holland before they could get baptized.  The refugee’s status is unstable, but ripe for harvest.  The window of opportunity is now.

Pray with us for our church’s future.  Our present location is up for sale and a move is inevitable.  Lord lead us!

Pray with us for the preparation of two camps in the end of May for Arabic and Farsi speaking believers.

Pray with us for the Lord to provide our support. Even as great as ministry is going, our finances have dropped off significantly.