group of missionaries after Missionary Summit meeting at Roberts Wesleyan College

Missionary Summit 2011

“Men and women of World Missions, why do you stand there looking into the sky?”  No, we weren’t literally watching for Jesus to return like the disciples in Acts 1.  But in a sense we are looking for Jesus to return as his Kingdom comes and is built around the world.


One of the distinctives of the FM Church is our connectedness.  Just a short walk down the hallway here at General Conference illustrates this truth.  It takes a while to get from place to place because of all of the familiar faces, welcoming hugs, and hearty handshakes.  And these aren’t just superficial connections.  Rather, many of these people and the witness of their lives have left a mark on my life.


On Monday and Tuesday, over 60 FM Missionaries gathered at Pearce Church in N. Chili, NY.  Rarely do we get the opportunity to be with so many like-minded missional people.  Many of these servants are heroes of the faith having given decades of their lives in cross-cultural ministry.  We heard from several speakers who inspired us and challenged us.  While the details of the work we do in the U.S. and around the world will be different, we understand that there is a vision and a mission that unifies us.  The missionary summit and the General Conference are a celebration of that vision.