On Friday, July 4th, Hope Africa University graduated students whose ceremony had been delayed by a government inspection process in December. There were a number of Masters level graduates (in Theology, Business Administration, and Educational Leadership) as well as 7 of our M.D. graduates.IMG_0960

I attended the ceremony as part of the Faculty of Medicine. I tried to show up “late” by American standards but was not surprised when the day ended up starting about an hour late. Once we all had our gowns, hoods, and hats (the doctoral level faculty get to wear the lovely purple ones pictured), we joined the procession of faculty and students across the gravel parking lot to our covered seats.IMG_0961

In addition to the HAU and Burundi FMC leaders, the General Director of the Burundian Ministry of Higher Education was present. Her presence reflects the approval that we have finally received from this important government Ministry. Our higher education programs have been inspected thoroughly and been accepted.

IMG_0973The seven medical graduates have spent at least 7 years in the process and we have been privileged to play a small part in their training. This final stamp of approval gives them the ability to go forward with the callings that God has placed on their lives. Doctors Blaise and Ferdinand will work with me at Van Norman Clinic as general medical officers. Tony is assisting Dr. John Cropsey in the Kibuye Eye Clinic. Others are pursuing further training. There is no limit to the ways that these young doctors can contribute to transformation in Burundi and beyond. Thanks for continuing to pray for them and for this University that gave them the opportunity.IMG_0962