Hasan and Mom SarivanlThursday, we visited a sweet little 20 kilo boy who has kidney failure. His name is Hasan Every night he does dialysis for 8 hours while he sleeps.  Their apartment is full of medical supplies and filters.  They are a wonderful family.  They come to church when they can.    Several weeks ago before the Muslim Night of Power, we showed a short video and talked about revelations of Jesus.  Hasan’s father told us his recent dream about seeing Jesus and Jesus telling him to have the church pray for his son.  He needs a kidney, but he is too small and very unlikely to get on the list for transplants.  He needs a miracle. May the Lord bring to life the dead kidneys for the glory of his name.

Maria is in England with Gina.  The due date is Monday.  She is soooo big.

We plan to be in Indiana in November and Maria will be in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana in October.