May was an amazing month.  Around the middle of the month, we celebrated the past 6 months of having interns that became part of our family.  Jake, Blake, Trent, Tiff and Erica were from the Reach mission in Columbus, OH.  Chris Maleski from the Nescopeck PA FMC.  They were a big help jumping in and doing stuff.  They helped convert the new ministry place into a guest room place, prayer room, and future food pantry.  They arrived around Thanksgiving 2012 and left mid May. They are great kids and they did great adjusting to things here.  They truly became part of our family and church.  We hope they come back next year too.  This is a great picture of them with Christi and two others from Albania.

Greek Orthodox Easter was on May 5.  We had a full house at church and we got to enjoy resurrection celebration with a feast with other 80 people.  Biblical celebrations are always with food and the Greeks know how to feast …. very Biblical-ly.  We took over the street outside our church and enjoyed the special day with special people.

After Easter, Maria and I got to escape to our favorite island, Corfu, for a mini-holiday.  It was beautiful weather.  I bicycled some.  We swam a little.  Kali and Alkaios joined us with their puppy.  The picture is of the two of us at Bella Vista.  Nothing is better than a coffee with an incredible view with the one you love.

We also celebrated four baptisms this past month.  A previous post described Yosef’s and Eleni’s baptism from Afghanistan and Bulgaria.  He is the happiest person that I have ever baptized.  Last Sunday, Kenneth and Joanna from Nigeria were baptized as well. She was so overwhelmed by the presence of God (or maybe the cold water) that she needed assistance getting to shore. He burst into praise in a heavenly language immediately and thanked God for what he has done for him and his wife.

Finally, this month a prayer room began operating in the city of Thessaloniki.  The hope is that the place will be like Jason’s back in Acts 17 when Apostles Paul and Silas first came to our city.  You will hear more about this in the next post and about our new summer intern also.

Please, continue to support the work here in Thessaloniki.  These are crucial times and great things are happening.  Our accounts are behind over $12,000.  Pray with us that God will catch the account up through his people.  I, Michael, will be available in the states from Aug 22 until Sept 30.  Our daughter, Kali, will also be available in Sept/Oct.  Blessings and Love!!!!