April’s highlight was the Prayer Journey. We had a group of  people come to Madrid to travel from here to the south of Spain. What was their journey and its purpose? To pray for the nation of Spain and its people as they travel thru some of the most historical and important cities of Spain: Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, Sevilla, Itálica and Granada.

I asked Lori, one of the participants to share the experience in her own words. This is what she wrote:

I recently was blessed to be part of the group that traveled to Spain for the prayer journey. As the group loaded on the bus to travel over twelve hundred miles we went with expectant hearts. We knew God had called each one of us to come and pray for Spain.

 It is hard to express in words how God touched my heart during the ten days we traveled across Spain. We got to experience not only the culture, but the history of Spain. My eyes were opened to the many challenges that Spaniards face. One being the unemployment rate of 27%. I witnessed a man get out of his car to dig through the dumpster, my heart sank.  The scripture whispered to my ears……”feed my sheep”. This was just the beginning.

 We prayed on the bus as we traveled to each city. God was with each one of us as we went out on the street to pray for the cities as well as with people He led us to. As we walked the cobblestone streets we saw a man on the corner with lottery tickets pinned to his jacket to sell. I felt drawn to him. We asked if we could pray for him and he motioned for us to come around the corner where a shop worker told us he was deaf. I asked her to ask him if we could pray for him. He shook his head yes. I also asked if I could touch him he also said yes. I put my hands on his ears and prayed. His eyes filled with tears and as we ended the prayer he hugged us. Clearly God had touched him – and us. I have thought of him many times since that day and continue to pray for him.

This was just one of many experiences. Every person on this trip came back different as God used us and opened our hearts to Spain. We will all continue to pray for Spain and for the people as we will forever be connected. We all felt blessed to be a part of God’s plan.

Thanks to Josh for all you did for us . We were all excited to be part of the first prayer journey in Spain and look forward to participate in the next one.










Prayer Request:

Pray for the unemployment situation in Spain. Specially for our church members currently out of work and desperately looking for employment.

Pray for our leaders. For spiritual growth, for motivation and inspiration day by day as they seek God´s purpose for their lives.

Pray for us ( The Fajardo´s) as we travel to the US this summer for partnership building.Josh leaves this week to attend Genesis  and KeyStone annual Conference. The rest of the family will  join him at the beginning of June.

Praise Report:

We praise God for a safe and rewarding prayer journey.

Praise God for the new families he is bringing into the Rivas church.

Also, Would you consider supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country? You can give directly on line:


Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The Fajardos.