Matt Williams from Louisiana joined us for this summer. He is a big guy with a big heart and he really fills up a lot of empty space with all of kids and youth moving on.  He has adjusted well and jumped in straight off without hesitation.  He loves the Lord and loves people.  Everyone loves him.  He says that he is Mike’s (my) shadow, but he is bigger than me???  Or maybe I just have a really big shadow and have not realized it?  I am not sure what the answer is.  All I know is that we have been praying for help and God keeps sending interns.  Last winter and spring, there were 6 interns.  This summer, Matt is here.  Next year more are coming.  WE LOVE IT and HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU PLAN TO COME!!!

Not only is there a steady flow of interns, but YWAM teams, intercessors from Israel, and friends from the Balkans keep showing up in Thessaloniki.  These days, two teams are here for two weeks staying at our guest facilities.  What an honor to host visitors that bring the presence of God to our city, neighbors, and church family during these needy times!!!  Our new hospitality place welcomes those that the Lord has lead to Thessaloniki.  It is named Jason’s Place after the house where the Apostles stayed when they first visit our city in Acts.  Check out the face book page and consider bringing a team when you visit Thessaloniki the next time.

The most exciting and important thing is the prayer room. Here, the body of Christ in our city offers up prayer and worship  and is available 24-7.  This is the greatest need of our day.  Prayer and pleading unto our God on behalf of Thessalonians is vital for those who call themselves Christians to come to know Christ.  Worshiping God every day all day (at least theoretically) … and not just on Sunday … has the potential to move God’s heart.  Intercession like Daniel for the Jews in captivity will cause explainable changes and eventually revival.  Currently, there are just a few, but pray that the prayers and pray-ers will grow.  God is still mighty enough to save!!! He can still move this mountain!!!  Here is another face book page.  Attention to all intercessors, we are inviting YOU to make the journey to Thessaloniki and join us for a time.

As you can tell things are very busy and things are always happening.  For the month of Sept, I will be in the states to promote the work in Thessaloniki.  Maria will stay behind to keep things running smoothly.  Kali, a VISA missionary, will also be travelling with Set Free for Sept and Oct.  We need to raise support and find co-workers.  Here is my schedule and I hope to see as many persons as possible.

Aug 22  Thu        Depart for Chi.

Aug 25  Sun am Anderson, IN – Ovid Com Ch

Sun am Ft. Wayne, IN – Journey  Sun am Mooresville, IN Sep 11

Wed  Nashville Sep 15

Sun am Albion, Ill  and Sun pm Vincennes, IN

Sep 16Mon        Pick up Kali from Nashville

Sep 21 Sat           Drop Kali off at Titusville, PA

Sep 22   Sun am Westlake, Oh (Cross Pointe)

Sep 28 Sat           Drop Kali off in Greenville

Sep 29   Sun am Decatur, Il

Sep 30   Mon      depart for Greece