MARCH 2013


GREETINGS FROM MADRID SPAIN. We want to bring you up to date on what is happening in the FMC of Spain. By now you probably know that we have three churches that are alive and well.

Iglesia Emanuel (Lanzarote) Olive Branch (Murcia) and Luz y Vida ( Rivas) .

Lanzarote, Canary Islands. The church of Lanzarote continues to focus on the youth. Pastor Vito is a natural evangelist and a great Youth leader. 50% of the church is made up of young people. Also, a new member was received at the Lanzarote church (Carmelo Pálmes). He will be assisting Pr. Vito, while also starting a new work in Fuerteventrua, an island adjacent to Lanzarote, a 30 minute ferry ride away.




Olive Branch, Mazarrón, Murcia.

Pastor Ralph and Margaret Locke lead this church, which is made up of British expats, most of them retired who now live in the south of Spain. We had the opportunity to visit this weekend and participate in a woman’s ministry Margaret is involved in called Aglow. Sunday Josh shared the word in Sunday service. They continue to reach the lost in their area.

Luz y Vida, Rivas Madrid.  Josh and Angel continue to encourage people to deepen their commit to the Lord and His church. After our annual assembly last January we have new people in leadership in the area of Christian education and women’s ministries. Mari Carmen and Patricia were voted in by the congregation to lead our women’s ministry. Vanessa was selected to lead children’s ministries. Thank God for these women who are making a stronger commitment to our local church. We thank God for the addition of two new families to the church family in the last three months. God is blessing and divinely providing for the local church financial needs.


Ways in which you can support us in prayer :

  • Pray for continued support for 2013. We need to be at 75% committed for our MSA by April 1st.
  • Our CSA funds will not be transferred to Spain unless it has been received. CSA fund helps us expand the FM work and it is crucial for training Pastors and National leaders.
  • That God will continue to reveal his perfect will for every church mentioned above and their cities.
  • Pray for Fernando and Liliana our VISA missionaries who arrived last December. Their plan is to lead a PIC  (home group) in the Northern area of Madrid. Since their arrival they have been contacting people in that area and letting themselves be known. They are helping in the Rivas church with preaching and teaching and also helping with a compassion ministry that is led by a couple from the Rivas church.


If you would like to part of supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country, you can give directly on line:  or

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The Fajardos.