We just survived a garage sale.  I don’t handle the stress of hosting such an event well.  I prefer to donate to the church mission sale. Well, it is now over and it was a success.  The most enjoyable part is the greater sense of space we have now.  I didn’t notice how cluttered life had gotten, but even the kids are rediscovering a new play room with space to run, slide and make forts.   This is also something God has been challenging me with spiritually.  I felt convicted of one of the seven deadly sins…gluttony.  WOW.  Not one I considered much, but one I live.  After a recent journey into the discipline of fasting, it became very clear to me the difference between hunger and gluttony.  I want chocolate…but am I hungry?  No, but I have this feeling of need or desire for sugar.  During the times of fasting I would even find that if I couldn’t eat sweets, I would go to the TV and flip channels for 2-3 hours.  Not because I had a show I wanted to watch, but because I had a need to fill.  When I fill up my time and appetites with sugars and TV, I have no hunger for God, no space for Him to speak to me, no desire to be in His presence.  I do not hunger or thirst for righteousness.  I am left in a stupor of gluttonous apathy.  So am I throwing out the TV and sweets?  No, they are not the problem.  But I am setting up parameters.  Sweets are to be enjoyed in community – that eliminates the 10+ sweets snacks I munch on throughout the day.  TV is for entertainment – I need to know what show I am planning to watch and turn it off when I am done.  But mostly – when I feel that need for something, I am learning to reach for quiet time, the Bible, and my Jesus.