Hi this is Hannah,

Guess what, my guinea pig, Twix, just had a baby! Half of him is dark brown and black like his dad, Speedy Gonzales and the other half light brown and caramel like his mother, Twix. I am so happy! I named him Zeus, after the greek god. Zeus (the guinea pig) is so tiny! I love him already. It is nice to have a new animal, since 3 of our animals died in the past month. Our bunny Zane, a chick named Robin, and my duck Squeaky. That was very sad for me. This new little guinea pig is helping me get over the loss of my other pets. We now have 7 animals in our yard. Awesome! I would never be allowed to have 1 animal at our house in Michigan, let alone 7! We have to be really careful around Zeus if we don’t want him to die. That is what happened to our last baby guinea pigs. I am so thankful for Zeus. I hope this note isn’t extremely boring.

This is Zeus, isn't he cute?!

This is Zeus, isn’t he cute?!