We are enjoying our first Saturday in Machakos. Machakos is the small Kenyan town where we are going through Africa-Based Orientation. We are somewhat isolated on Scott Christian University’s campus where we are staying in a dorm. It has been good getting to know others who have been serving or are on their way to serving in various places in Africa.

Hannah with chameleon attached to front of shirt

Hannah, you're not in Michigan anymore!

An African Perspective

We are also being challenged by the information presented in our sessions. Duncan Olumbe and W. have been giving us cultural values and discussing African worldview. It is so helpful to be given a different perspective on missions and the church. Duncan is specifically interested in helping Africans become missionaries. With Hope Africa students, the potential for cross-cultural workers is huge.

While we are in our sessions, the kids have their own age-specific lessons on African culture. They are enjoying learning some facts about Africa as well as doing crafts and spending a lot of time in the sunshine. We are eating some interesting foods but the kids are doing a great job in beijing of finding something they like and not complaining. We eat in the same dining room with the Scott students and are getting to know some of them and their stories. And as you can see in the photo, they are having some uniquely African experiences (thanks, Alicia, for the photo).

Take A Hike

This morning we went for our breakfast of corn flakes, milk, chai, orange slices, and boiled eggs. The whole group then hiked

Joel and Samuel on trail in woods of Mt. Iveti

Samuel and Joel in woods just before summit of Mt. Iveti

toward Mt. Iveti (approximately 7000 feet compared to 5000 ft here in Machakos). Samuel and I made it to the top with about 15 others. It was a 4 hour adventure and we had many local children along for the walk. There were some amazing views over the valley below as we walked through coffee plantings and terraced fields of maize.