We are glad to report that we now have occasional email and Internet access. It sometimes requires us to hike up to the top of the hill above Kibuye. Kibuye means “big rock”. The surrounding mountains can be seen with their valleys of small villages, banana trees, family gardens, and the mission station including the hospital, church, and staff beijing housing.

Kibuye Hope Hospital, "We work with the God who heals and gives life."

Working with Kibugita (Big Knife)
What a privilege to work with Dr. Frank Ogden, a general surgeon who has devoted many years to improving the health of patients in this region of Africa as well as developing the Kibuye Hope Hospital. He and Carol are hosting us for this introduction to Kibuye and we have learned much from their example. They have welcomed our noisy busy family to their quiet Kibuye home with grace and love. Uncle Frank and Aunt Carol will always hold a special place in our African memories.

A Day in the Life of the Millers
A note from Janette: I am pleased to report that we are all getting settled and adjusting to our new home. A typical day includes Joel and I headed to the hospital at 7:15 am for staff prayers and morning report. Joel spends the next few hours watching and helping with surgeries, seeing patients and talking with med students. I head back to the house to start the kids on their school lessons. Carol Ogden has been teaching us Kirundi each day. We then do some math and play outside. The men then come home for lunch which is prepared by Ezekiel the cook. Afternoon surgeries dictate the afternoon schedule, but the kids take this time to play games, make crafts, read and write in their journals. Both Joel and I have been in quite a few cesarean sections and have both “done the surgery” with Dr. Frank Ogden telling us what to do. We are encouraged and hopeful that should the need arise, we can do what needs to be done. Today we celebrated Joel’s 41st birthday with lots of creativity – we will share more about that later!

Sorry no pictures with this post. Our connection is just too slow these days to upload photos.