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With excitement and uncertainty, I humbly announce that I have been accepted for Doctorate Research Projects of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Theology.  Suddenly, I find myself at the school of theology making friends, explaining opinions, and exploring how to scientifically discover the principles of spiritual development of Christianity in the first two centuries.  And not just to analyse history, but also those results will be compared to the spiritual renewal in Egypt of this last century.   This new opening feels like starting a new dance in a totally different arena than the one of the last 18 years.

As a result, I was asked to join a round table of discussion at the end of conference on Religion and Violence at the University on Wednesday April 29th.  Surprisingly even before studies begin, I am honored to sit at a table with Orthodox, Catholic, and Muslim representatives.  What a great encouragement for this new academic beginning that verifies the great potential in relationships and partnerships.  Prayers are coveted for not just the academic challenge, but for the high level of Greek and for the interactions with Greek Orthodox scholars as well.

The pictures above are from our Easter Pascha celebration.  More than ever I understand that this is a feast before the Lord.  In Greece, the worship and message may not matter so much on Easter Sunday as the meal. It is the biggest of the year with family, church friends and neighbors.  This year, the meal and the weather was the best ever.  God wants us to celebrate our salvation and the power of the resurrection.  It is like a victory feast for the greatest WIN and DEFEAT of all times.  Praise the Lord for the Lamb that was slain and for the lamb was roasted!!!  Salvation truly tastes amazing … and is a truly amazing experience.

We purchased our tickets to come to the US on June 23 until July 25 for Maria and until Aug 5 for myself.  We are looking forward to seeing as many as possible.  We hope to buy a car.  Our 2002 Saturn is needing replacement.  Christiana uses it when we are in Greece. If anyone knows of an economic vehicle, please communicate with us at Michael.long@fmc-europe.org

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement.