Some of you may have read my blues confession last week.  I appreciated reading your responses.  Sometimes what we need is a re-newed perspective.  That came in the form of a therapeutic trip upcountry for our  family.  It will be shared with you in parts (since we took over 1,100 pictures).  The easiest to share is our day trip to the Karera Waterfalls (Les Chutes in french :)) with our coffee friends (


The falls are located a mere hour from Kibuye – 20 minutes on pavement, 20 minutes on a graded dirt road, and 20 minutes on what feels like a dry riverbed.  Since one never knows here, we all had very low expectations but found the view to be well worth the trip!


We hiked to three different falls.  First there is the main falls that you literally drive up to…a great way to start the day!

Then we hiked to the largest and most famous of the falls…very impressive.  (See us little wee folk at the bottom – that helps to show you it was very big).


Next we used our walking sticks to journey to the top of that same falls and found a kinder gentler, much less impressive water fall.


It was everyone’s favorite.


Why?  Because we could wade into it, touch the cold water, feel the spray on our faces, and experience the power of the falls.


As you can see, Joel and Ben experienced it more than the rest of us.


We are not meant to be spectators in life.  We are created for action and participation.  Too much facebook and not enough community and I end up being a spectator.  Too many shows and books and escapism becomes my reality.  Too many distractions and indulgences and I am numb to pain… and joy.   Here’s to Lent – to removing some of the excess that tends to suffocate and to rediscovering life as we breath deep of simplicity.