Since the beginning of the year, our church ladies group has been formally meeting twice a month (on Friday) to have women’s bible study, afternoon tea and / or some other fun activity. It is a great venue to invite other women that may not accept an invitation to a regular church service. Friday, may 25th (last meeting I was able to participate before leaving for USA) we gathered together to watch the movie “The blind side”, based on a true story.

My friend Lori recommended it and she was right, it is a great movie. After the movie, and over some refreshments we spent time going over some of scenes we thought impacted us and why. We shared our reflections on generosity, family, vulnerability and willingness to make sacrifices to help others. We shared our thoughts and had some really good discussion.

Please pray that the excitement of those who come will spread to ALL the women in the church to participate and get involved. Pray that we continue to use this as an opportunity to invite other women. Pray that these meetings will strengthen our friendships as sisters in Christ. We are thankful for the church facility we now have and to hold meetings such as these.

Thanks to all of you who pray and support financially so that this can be possible.

By Susy Fajardo