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Greetings from Kibuye! We have just finished a lovely lunch at the Ogdens’home after a 3+ hour Sunday morning service. The first two hours of the service were filled with music- at least 6 choirs sang and danced to a variety of songs. We gave brief greetings and were on the receiving end of a lot of curious stares.

We arrived here in Kibuye yesterday evening after a 2.5 hour trip over the mountain. With our family’s tendency toward car sickness, we were glad for Dramamine and open windows. Kibuye is at a higher elevation (6100 feet) than Bujumbura so the climate is typically cooler. Flowers are in bloom and many birds are calling so we are struck by the contrast with the snowy weather we left less than a week ago.

The kids continue to have good attitudes despite not understanding the language and being the object of a lot of attention.  As our sleep improves, we anticipate that we will all have more energy and more ability to engage with the people around us.  In this house, the 4 kids are sharing a bedroom and Janette and I have a room.

Tomorrow, Dr. Frank Ogden will orient us to the hospital and to the medical students.  Our main goal for these two weeks is to begin the process of learning from the national doctors and the medical students.  We will also begin to get comfortable with C-sections and other simple surgical procedures. Of course, “simple” is a relative term isn’t it?

Our Internet access is limited to say the least at this point.  When we arrive in Kenya on February 4, we hope to have opportunity to do more updating of our blog and Facebook.  Thank you for your patience as we figure this out.  And thank you for your continued prayers as we represent you for Jesus in this beautiful place.

A note from Janette

I am surprised at how well the kids are doing.  They have great attitudes.  Hannah and Leah enjoyed the music this morning and are positive about these changes, Leah and Samuel have both indicated they are eager to be in our new home.  But that is months away so they are accepting this as their temporary home.  Samuel has been very positive and is finally sleeping through the night.  He indicated that he likes seeing all these new places.  Josiah is Josiah.  He sleeps well and has adjusted to his “milkless” life without too much fuss.  He often is found happily playing alone with his toys from home.  Today he decided that he had enough of church and started throwing a fit.  He received much attention and I carried him outside where he plopped on the grass pouting.  Soon we were encircled by onlookers staring at our conversation.  He decided it was better to be in church and quickly changed his tune.  Now the kids are running in the grass and playing with bats, balls, and jump ropes left by a previous group.  We are at peace and feel a little more comfortable each day.  We hope to find out at some point if our missing suitcase arrived in Bujumbura today.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.  Love you!

Kibuye, courtesy of