I’m tempted to say, “finally” I’m blogging–but actually, I’ve tried this once before and well…you get the picture. BUT, I’m really ready to commit to keeping in touch as much as posssible and getting as much info to “you” as I can! So..keep reading!

My head is full of information both from the Missionary Summit and General Conference..and my heart has been refreshed and challenged again to LOVE like Jesus loves…and He loves EVERYONE. The focus of this conference was on the WHOLE GOSPEL for the WHOLE WORLD, for the WHOLE PERSON…and if we want to be a part of that (and I DO!) it really does take the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to make it happen. An emphasis on partnering for the sake of the Gospel..for real transformation to take place was evident..and I’m excited about the potential of what will be happening in the weeks, months and years to come as we seek to work with others and are led by the Holy Spirit.

Mike, Kyle and I have been stateside for a few months now–and have enjoyed being with Kelly and Kenzie and our extended families. 🙂 In just a few days really, we’ll be packing up and heading back to Kenya–and we’ll hit the ground running. Mike will be boarding another plane on the 9th of August, this time heading to Burundi (a short flight!)..to attend the World Conference. Kyle will start his Jr. year of high school on the 10th..(I’m not sure if he’s looking forward to that or not!) And I’ll have a few days to get the house ready for company coming in the following week.  Pray that the Lord will be with each of us and keep us renewed!

Thanks–and keep checking back!