Wedding video clip Aug 17, 2012

Just three weeks ago, Kali Long was married to Alkaios Papanagis at a beautiful mountain setting above Thessaloniki. It is still like yesterday.  It was so much work and so much fun.  What a beautiful way to start their life together.  Everyone will remember the releasing of the doves.  We will remember some of the slips. Presbyter Stephanos (Alkaios’ uncle) and I perform the ceremony all in Greek this time (Gina’s was in English). My miss speech were funny. I declared that Kali is studying “psychologically” instead of psychology. I also described Alkaios as wearing “little tubes”  instead of pipe pants. Kali also made one that is quite humorous … but you will have to ask to find out.  Many guests were deeply touched by the beauty of God bringing two lives together to become one …  one of the oldest mysteries of life.  Family, friends, neighbors and guests rejoiced together with us and them. The prayer is that the many who do not know God will be drawn to the Father God who has been making families since the beginning of time. Clip on the link above and enjoy.

Kali is moved into their tiny apartment in Athens. She is beginning her mission by working with the Youth Mission Streetlights that strives to attract as many youth possible to God during these extremely difficult times in Greece.  Currently, there is much discussion about her working with Set Free Movement and developing a ministry to Human Trafficking victims. She will be representing FM Mission in a city of 6 million during some of Greece’s historically worst days.  She is currently battling an infection and needs your prayers.  Also please prayer for her support and if the Lord puts it on your heart, she would be greatly encouraged by any support.

Many things are developing for ministry. We were able to get a mini-vacation after the wedding. The Fajardos from Spain, Colemans from Hungary, Mellingers and Galloways from Bulgaria were all here. There is great anticipation that God will work mightily during these harsh and difficult times in Europe and Greece. Preparations are expecting that the needs will increase drastically this year and winter. Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

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