Happy birthday to my baby boy. Such a joy you are to each of us. You love to laugh and be the center of attention. You have a very independent spirit and spend too much of your time telling me, “But Mommy, I disobey cuz I didn’t WANT to do it!” You adore your big brother, love to be catered to by your big sisters and think every day should be your birthday. We praise God for 4 years of life and health that he has given you. On the day of your birth I was laying in a hospital bed in Mexico City trying not to be angry that they wouldn’t let you out of the nursery and I could only visit for short intervals. Your dad was sick with the flu on the couch next near my bed. It was not our best day, but I am thankful that was the worst of it. God is good. After pumpkin pancakes with candles, I put on the new “Learn French with MUZZY” video. Your response…”Mommy is this a Frenish talking one? I don’t know Frenish, can you help me?” I love you, my little Mexican.